Saturday, August 29, 2009

Time to Engage Healthcare as Yogis

I envisioned this blog as a place I could begin to express and share some of what I have been learning about healthcare in our country these last few years.  I started my own personal journey towards yoga out of a health concern...I was 28, my back hurt, and I had to do something.  That was a long time ago, and my experiences in these few decades has informed my beliefs, my actions and in fact has shaped the form of my life.  

A few years ago I started exploring how yoga might 'nestle up' against the health care world. It was a question motivated by my strategic analysis of the business enviroment, and how it might produce an environment more able to compensate more senior yoga teachers, as well as a genuine desire to contribute a deep seated belief that yoga is much more than an activity for healthy folk!

I have now found that my journey has taken me far afield and back again. For a few months I've been exploring how to make the most of our company's involvement with Good Health Commons, an integrative health center we have become a 'partner' in. This seems like a journey that is only now beginning.  As yoga teachers we have so much to add to the healthcare debate, and even more to add to what I hope emerges as true health care....preventive, supportive and therapeutic, and a kind of care that serves to support a well understood, ever growing experience of health!  Check out our schedule at Seton/Good Health Commons.


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