Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Healthcare Debate - a players's guide from the Congressional Research Service

Congressional Research Service has put together a 20-page PDF report as a guide to the debate. Our tax dollars paid for this...feel free to have a read!.

Starting from Somewhere...Yoga, Healthcare, and What Yogis Can Do About It

1o years in, and the fascination, dismay, wonder and challenge I find as a yogi thinking about health care is still making me smile, making me think, and waking me up.

We are all living through an exciting time right now. It looks like President Obama is going to have a health care bill to sign somewhere towards October of this year, and what will be in that bill is certainly still 'up for grabs'.

And while the form of health care economics will likely change, it is clear as can be that people and practices will change at their own pace, regardless of the current politics.

If we are going to spend less on health care in the coming decades (and be healthier while we are doing it), we are going to have to start spending sooner, spend more on prevention, and have our interventions be less 'high tech' when appropriate. Eating well, exercising, and living with a positive 'frame of mind' all work quite well - but they don't pay very well for excessively profit oriented business models, like our healthcare system has embraced in the last 30 years.

This is changing, and I fully intend to participate with this change as a yogi, to support it as a yogic entrepreneur, and to do all I can as a social entrepreneur to find ways that yoga teachers and therapists can engage the marketplace, and establish a genuine, well founded value for their contribution to our communities as we all find our way in this 'new world' of health care.

Please join me. Thanks for reading.